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Hand cast red skull oogie boogie dice

  • $ 2500

These dice were sculpted, designed , and cast by hand. No machine was used to create them. They have become very collectable in the dice world. The world's biggest dice collector (Kevin Cook) owns and features our complete collection of dice. These dice have a wonderful weight, and make a great sound when rolled. This set is from a new casting run, and have the same stone core that our newer dice are made of. If you are a collector, this set needs to be in your collection. If you are starting a collection, this set needs to be in your collection.

Note to our international buyers: before you purchase, please be aware of your country's import tax (duties). This is an added expense, not included in the purchase from our end.

Color: Red

Size: 3/4 inch x 3/4 inch, 2cm x 2cm

Materials: dyed , aged casting stone

Note 1: The purchase price is for a set of 2 dice.

Note 2: Due to the hand made process, each die is uniquely aged, and have some imperfections  that add to the character and charm of these dice. No two are identical

Note 3: This batch of dice, are recently cast from a new mold.

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