Apocal-opoly! Buy/sell Weapons of Mass Destruction to destroy the world! Printable DIY digital downloadable, board game and all game pieces!

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********Note- This is an instant digital download for you to print at home***********

Yes! Apocal-opoly! Some people just want to watch the world burn! If you are one of them, this is the game for you! Play in the millions of dollars to buy an arsenal of Weapons of Mass Destruction, build encampments and weapons factories to be the ultimate arbiter of a total, world ending Apocalypse!

Apocal-opoly is a darkly satirical game with cadre of quirks! For instance: Instead the classic "free parking" there is a "Sudden Death Challenge"! Chance and Chest cards are replaced with "Foiled" and "Push the Button". Pay enough money and force a player back 3 spaces! Rig an election in your favor and pay each player 50 million dollars! Collect money from internet scams and rule your own Apocalyptic death cult! If there is an "end of the world" play this game before it happens!

What you get in 1, winRAR file:
5 PDF files which include:
1 Game board, measuring 18"x18" JPG
1 set of weapons/deed cards, print on 8.5x11 PDF
1 set of currency, print on 8.5x11 PDF
1 sets of DIY paper dice, print on 8.5x11 PDF
2 Sets of DIY paper Encampment and factory Icons, print on 8.5x11 PDF
1 Set of "Foiled" and "Push the Button" cards, print on 8.5x11 PDF
1 DIY paper Booklet of "Apocal-opoly Rules". print on 8.5x11 PDF
1 Set of DIY Apocal-opoly Character cards and game pieces, print on 8.5x11 PDF

What you do:
Download your files at checkout. Open and print game pieces and cards on card stock, print money on colored paper and have a local printer print your game board. Most fo the pieces are one sided prints. Game cards and rules are set up for two sided printing (follow your printers directions). Cut out and assemble your game pieces, (scissors and glue are required.)

Where to print:
Print at home, local print shop or blueprint shop.

Notes: This is a DIY or "Do It yourself" file. It's designed for you to be able to print assemble and play at home.

Some files are in PDF form. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open these files. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, Download it free at http://get.adobe.com/reader

This file is for personal, non-commercial use only. Do not sell or distribute this design or file online or for profit. Enigmatic Press, Enigmaticpress.com reserves all rights.
***Note- This is a instant digital download for you to print at home***

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