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***Note- This is an instant digital download for you to print at home****

If there's 2 things Zombies love, it's brains and bits of human flesh. But the work of going out, killing someone and harvesting their carcass just for a tasty treat seems like a lot of work. Well, now you can get both brains and flesh in one place with, Brains brand Brains and Biff Jerky zombie treats! Well, you can get the DIY boxes at least...

These DIY prop party favors are fun bogus products that complete any zombie themed or undead gathering. Boxes are, 4"x3"x1" and 4"x1.5"x2" when completed and are covered with ridiculous verbiage. Check out my complete line of bogus boxes and collect them all!

Excerpt from box: Brains
We all know brains help us think. But Brains are also a tasty source of spongy goo for your zombie and the walking dead. Now you can treat yourself or your zombie to a squishy snack that's nutritious and convenient. 4 out of 5 zombies agree!
Excerpt from box: Biff Jerky
Biff Jerky is made from real human flesh and have a taste your zombies is sure to enjoy! You want the best for you undead loved one or pets, that's why Biff Jerky adds only the freshest ingredients. We don't wait till a human is dead. we harvest all of our tasty treats responsibly farmed humans are still alive and kicking!

What you get, in 1 win RAR file:
1, PDF File, 8.5x11 with 1, printable box graphic. (Brains)
1, PDF File, 8.5x11 with 1, printable box graphic. (Biff Jerky)
2,PDF Files, 8.5x11 with Box assembly instructions

What you do:
Download your file at check out. Open in Adobe acrobat reader. Print on 8.5x11 white card stock or photo paper. Cut off white and fold on black lines to assemble. No glue is needed, but it will make a stronger box. Fill with candy, eat, read, laugh, prank..

Where to print:
print at home
Local print shop or (Wallgreens, CVS, Costco Mpix, Shutterfly, Snapfish
(other office supply stores are *NOT* recommended)

Basic instructions are included.
- Adobe Reader is needed to open these files. Download for free at

This listing comes with a 2 download limit.

This file is for personal, non-commercial use only. You may print the file as often as you wish. Do not share, sell or distribute this file for profit. reserves all rights.
***Note- This is an instant digital download for you to print at home***

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