Desiccated seeker Imp in display box

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You are looking at a horrific ornate seeker Imp, presented in a multi function freestanding or wall hanging sealed display box.The interior is decorated with native flora indigenous to the exorcism forest bed. The frame has a tag stating "Flemauzar", Partially preserved Seeker Imp. Conjure date unknown. Captured during purification seance. Tensas Louisiana US 1976.This Imp can be added to your existing collection, or the beginning of a magical creature menagerie.

Shadow box: 9 1/2 inches wide, x 11 1/2 inches tall x 2 inches deep (24 cm x 29 cm x 5 cm)
Imp: 6 inches tall (15 cm)

Materials: painted cardboard shadow box, frame, wire, latex, paint, glue, sticks, moss, magic

Shadow box: black with copper highlights
Imp: mummy flesh tone

Care: light dusting, occasional glass cleaning