Necronomicon evil dead wall light switch plate cover

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If by now you haven't noticed, we are big horror movie fans. We love to surround ourselves with horror movie themed items, and we know that we are not alone in our love for all that is horror.This switch plate cover is inspired by Evil Deads Necronomicon. It was sculpted, cast, and aged by Brian. It comes with black headed screws, and fits any standard light switch. If you have a horror movie themed man cave, or just a fun creepy house, you may want to scare your guests from the moment you switch on the light.

Note to our international buyers: before you purchase, please be aware of your country's import tax (duties). This is an added expense, not included in the purchase from our end.

Measurements: 3 1/2 inches, 9 cm wide x 5 inches , 13 cm long

Materials: aged casting stone, 2 screws

Tool needed to install: a small flat head screw driver

Note: Due to the hand made ageing process, each switch plate is beautifully unique, and may vary slightly in color.

Note 2: These plates are topographical, they are not a printed on design