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With all the hoopla going on with our nations capital, I thought I'd do a few Government themed cards. These I call Justice department Blue. They look like official file folders, but they can be used as invitations or greeting cards! Send them out to people you know, or to people you don't! Send them to your congressman/woman with a nice letter telling them what you think of their work! Be creative! Cards can be edited with a single line of text. Have it say "Official Document", "Government Report", "The name of your recipient" Or "We're Watching You!". The pages are editable as well with a large text block to write a letter, or just a note!

Cards are approximately 4"x5" (closed) come 2 on a page and look like Official government blue folders. This set also comes with matching "Official Document" pages for stationary, and an envelope you can customize. All files are in adobe acrobat. All graphics 300 DPI or better.

What you get in 1, winRAR file:
page 1, - 2, 4x5 cards on 8.5"x11" cover print.
page 2, -4, 4x5 pages as stationary.
Page 3. - 1, envelope on 8.5"x11"

What you do:
Download the 3 files at check out.
Open and edit your card. Print page 1 (cards) on 8.5x11 white card stock.
Open and edit your pages. Print page 2 (pages) on 8.5x11 bonded white paper.
Then open, customize, (optional) and print the envelope on8.5x11 bonded white paper.
Cut out your cards and pages, assemble your envelope, and your ready to send.

These are great fun for any secret government meeting, or secret government notes about meetings! I can think of a few folks I'd like to send these too! ;)

Where to print:
print at home

All PDF editable files are in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Just fill in your information in the editable fields and print. Download for free at

This listing comes with a 2 download limit.

This file is for personal, non-commercial use only. Do not share, sell or distribute this design or file online or for profit. Enigmatic Press, reserves all rights. It is not OK to resell this download.

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